The $1 Project Detail


From 1st September 2019 $1 from every Natural Light Candle Company purchased will be going towards two very worthy causes. 50% of the proceeds will be going towards plastics reduction charities and 50% will be paid to our workshop staff by way of an Australian / New Zealand funded bonus scheme to support them, their families and local community.

We want to ensure that every customer’s dollar is as trackable as possible and that every cent reaches the cause. Whilst it is physically impossible for every customer’s dollar to be detailed, every of our stockists can, and this information will be published quarterly on our website. We will then hold our producers and plastics reduction partners to account and once again publish details of how this money has arrived at its end point.

Our Australian business is not huge. We are a small family business selling approximately 15,000 candles a year currently (and rising!).  We hope that an additional dollar on your purchase price will not be felt too much. $15,000 however will really do quite a bit of good!

Here is a little more detail about who we are supporting and what we hope we can accomplish…..

Plastic Waste Reduction

Did you know about 90% of ocean plastics originate from Asian & African rivers? Thankfully there are a number of organisations that have been established over recent years to start to combat this very sizeable problem – one which is particularly evident in the immediate vicinity of our Balinese workshop. It is very much a global issue that requires a local solution.

After much research, separating those organisations with more commercial intentions from those who we believe to be in addressing the issue from a more selfless perspective, we have chosen to partner with three Balinese not-for-profits in their efforts. These three organisations are Make-A Change-World, Malu Dong and Bye Bye Plastics.






In October 2020 we joined forces with Make-A-Change-World in their ambitious project to boom every Balinese river by 2021. Our first sponsored boom is located in Canggu. At an operating cost of approximately $10 a day, the 10kg+ of expected waste collected each day (weekly collection in dry season) is recycled or repurposed where ever possible. Follow our progress here


Bye Bye Plastics

Balinese sisters Melati and Isabel Wijsen had recent success when a ban on single use plastic bags was announced in Bali in December 2018 . Their Bye Bye plastics social initiative still continues to inspire the young people of Bali to bring an end to their Island’s refuse problem.


Malu Dong

We first met Nyuman Sudiarta, the owner / operator of Malu Dong, on Sanur beach conducting one of his weekly clean ups. He is a doer in the true sense of the word. He and his team of volunteers, inspired through his in school presentations conduct regular clean up activities on the Island.


Australian funded bonus scheme for the people who make our beautiful candles

Our production facility standards and wage levels adhere to the standards required for Fair Trade accreditation. People throw around the term ‘Fair Trade’ but few would really appreciate what this means in real terms. In Bali the fair trade wage is under $10 per day.

On average our 30 or so employees would earn just over $1500 annually and about 60% of this is generated through Australian sales. $7,500 per year would allow for us to set up a bonus scheme that would pay each employee approximately $250 per year / 15-20% of their income. With their base wage covering a basic standard of living for them and their families, you can imagine how this extra would be appreciated. With it being known that this amount has been generated through Australian customers you can expect to see an even better paint finish on your candles!

From left to right, Juniarta, Luh De and Lodi painting our hurricane candles in our Balinese workshop.

The Bonus scheme will first paid quarterly in arrears with the first bonus payment scheduled for October 2019. You can track our bonus payments here.